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I Custom-build Affordable Turnkey Desktop Mill Machines for Busy Guys who want CNC in the Privacy &
If you are in a hurry to get into CNC, then read on...

cnc in your garage

Hi friend, I’m Sergio, a mechanical engineer with over 16+ plus years of engineering expertise.  If you want CNC in your Garage, then pay close attention, because…

I Custom-build Turnkey Desktop Mill Machines for Guys who want CNC in the Privacy & Convenience of their Garage. 

"My ready-to-run Desktop CNC Mini Mills... has helped a PhD Physics Professor, Engineering Students, busy Small Business Owners, Gunsmith… get into CNC (faster n' easier)… than they ever thought possible.  And now, I want to help you get... CNC in your garage... at the convenience and privacy of your own man cave." 

So, if you're in a hurry to get into CNC... (hang  with me here for a few seconds)... cuz you are about to find out that  the fast-track to CNC... is gonna be this turnkey Desktop 3-Axis CNC  Milling Machine, checkout these exciting details of the type of CNC machines I costume-built:  

 ...MicroLux, Heavy-Duty Mini Milling Machine... with heat-treated cast-iron base, column and head stock with precision V-ways for a robust and a butter-smooth operation.

 ...Exclusive Machine Way Design Mechanism (on all 3-axis)... allows for a precise, micro-adjustments (fast-n-easy).

 ...Exclusive Y-axis CNC cover replaces stock rubber accordion chip guard - no longer can the oily chips get clogged. 

 ...Exclusive anti-rotation column stops (fast, easy to adjust - keeps the column tram for most precise cutting operations) 

 ...Exclusive Z-Column stiffener bar - boost column stiffness for less machine vibration. 

 ...Spindle Power: 500-Watt (0.67 Hp, brush-less DC).

... Powerful Whisper (non-slip) Quiet Spindle Motor drive… lets you make heavy, aggressive cuts... especially on steel and aluminum. 

 ...Operates on standard 120 AC outlet

 ...Overall Machine Size: 30" high X 20" Deep X 20" Wide

 ...Digital Tachometer (RPM) - So that you can easily set the proper spindle RPM cutting speed. 

 ...CNC Control Box: There is no guess works with this 'plug-n-play' CNC electronics box... cuz this CNC electrical solution is specially-designed to get you into CNC — fast. This CNC electrical solution is a heck of a time saver, no doubt! Totally removes all the hours of wiring frustration, choosing electronics, etc... 

 ...Spindle Taper (R8 - most popular tooling taper, identical to the Bridgeport milling machine).

...3X Powerful Stepper Motors.

 ...3X Quality (High Switch) Proximity Sensors for repeatability, homing, reference, offsets, work location. 

 ...PC with Mach3 CNC Software fully installed and ready to use.

 ...Machine Weight (with everything...about 150 lbs.)

...Whisper Quiet, Heavy Duty Belt Drive (non-slip), 2,500 Max Rpm… or… 5,000 rpm at extra cost.

 ...3X Precision Ball-Screw 

...Precision Alignment, Fully-Tested, Spindle Head Tramm

...And a whole bunch more.

SHIPPING COST - Varies depending on location (FREE local pick-up/delivery).  I can also deliver within a few hours of Washington/Oregon/California.

  • Shipping is calculated based on your area - remote areas (like Mahtowa, MN) are more expensive... usually $500 to $750.  

  • Shipping  includes lift-gate and pallet jack delivery.   (I'll consider splitting  the difference in Shipping/Crating cost with you...lets talk). 


Condition of CNC? 

  I offer 100% NEW and/or very (very) lightly used CNC Mini Mills… but with 100% New CNC Electronics & 100% NEW Precision Ballscrews. 

How far are you willing to deliver? 

  • I ONLY ship to USA (shipping/crating is done by a professional shipper/crater)
  • Shipping cost varies on location - harder to reach areas are most expensive.  
  • I can possibly deliver locally (Washington, Oregon, and California)… contact me.

Does the CNC Machine come with tooling? 

Yes & No… Depends on 

Do you accept RETURNS?

No... but I 100% guarantee that everything will work good without any issues whatsoever.  Everything will work as I describe - there’s no need for you to get scared!

What’s the Machine working area?

It depends on the machine – but, XY table is 15.8” long by 3.6” wide  

What’s the overall machine dimensions?

It varies on machine, but: X: 25"...Y: 24"... Z: 30"

(PS):  All right, if you are serious about getting into CNC, contact me for more details while this rare-quality build CNC Home Desktop Milling  Machine is still available... 


Thanks, and talk to you soon! 

reserve your custom-built Turnkey home cnc mill, here...

My ready-to-run Desktop CNC Milling Machines...has helped a PhD Physics Professor, Engineer(s), Small Business Owners, Gunsmith…get into CNC (faster n' easier) than they thought possible. And now, I want to help you get...CNC in your Garage...in the privacy & convenience of your home.



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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Once you and I discussed your Custom-built Desktop CNC Milling Machine, the next step is to start working...(which ONLY starts)...after the Pre-order payment clears.  (Severe Cancellation Fee). 

USA Shipping Only - Free Local Area Delivery.


Drilling away...