$3,350+FREE U.S. Shipping: Turnkey (lightly-used) Hi-Torque CNC Mini Mill


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Mechanical Engineer who designed the ingenious CNC Conversion kit that turns a $699 mini mill into an almost $5,000 Home Desktop CNC Mill Machine is giving away his systematic (tested & proven) method that boost total machine performance… that (if done right)...guarantees a dramatic CNC Conversion...and...an explosive overall machine performance.

  Here's a peeing Tom look of what's inside this prestigious hackers guide...  

* How to totally eliminate Broken Gears... for good!

* Most nastiest Mini Mill design flaws EXPOSED 

* How to effortless go from a sluggish 2,587 rpm to 6,886 rpm
* How to tram the spindle-to-column – the fastest, easiest and lazy way!
* How to Calculate Column Flex (like an geeky Dilbert engineer)
* Pro Engineer Tip - shares his #1 tip for Machine Design...
* Critical videos links to help you speed up your learning curve… much faster!
* How to check spindle run-out like a B-O-S-S

* How to make your Mini Mill run BUTTER SMOOTH 

* Tons of photos on just about every slide
* Engineering Pro Tips (no PhD in math from M.I.T./George Tech is required!)
* DROP DEAD! – the MOST dangerous mini mill design flaw!
* And a whole bunch more… 

This Hackers Guide is jam-packed with hacks that you can apply today and see immediate results in total machine performance this afternoon.

  Your CNC Pal,

 —Sergio @ CNC-MiniMill.com 

  (PS)  Please Let Me Know How Much More Explosive Machine Performance You Were Able to Get as a Result From This MINI MILL HACKERS GUIDE.   (You can simply drop me a note)

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